A Field is Sown--1901-1907

At the turn of the century, two Baptist women, Mrs. John D. James, and Mrs. C. H. (Frankie Tucker) Wooley, began a Baptist Sunday School out of Mrs. Wooley's home in the little area five miles outside of Centreville, Alabama, known as Brent. 

At that time there weren't enough people of the Baptist faith to build a church in Brent for them, so many of them would travel over to Centreville or to Bethel Baptist Church, five miles south of Brent. 

During these early years, the children who came to the Sunday School didn't bing enough pennies to cover the cost of the literature, so a collection was taken from the people of Brent. 

This school met at various places around the town: a vacant house, at C. H. Wooley's vacant store, and once even under a saw shelter, always sitting on planks set on boxes or wooden nail kegs where room could be found. 

A Church is Born

Following a revival meeting in October 1907, the congregation established Brent Baptist Church. By January, the membership had grown to 66--16 of which were by baptism. 

The decision to construct a church building became a reality due to increased membership. The first church, a modest white frame building, was completed in late 1911. This first building's church bell not only served as a call to Sunday School each Sunday morning, but also as an early "alarm system" for the growing community. 

The Word of God Grows

In 1928, the Sunday School of Brent Baptist Church was recognized as the only Advanced Standard Sunday School in Alabama and one of only three in the United States.   

The Church Perseveres

A new brick sanctuary was completed in 1966, but on May 27, 1973 a tornado destroyed the town of Brent, including the church building. This did not discourage the congregation though, and the following Sunday, seated on folding chairs among the rubble, regular church services continued. Almost exactly two years later on May 25, 1975, a new church building was dedicated. 

The Faithfulness of God's Servants

Rev. Robert H. Johnston served in the pulpit from 1975 until 1986. He and his wife continued as members upon his retirement and to honor his service, he was named Pastor Emeritus, the first to hold that position at BBC. In 2004, the Johnston Family Life Center, the newest construction on the church property, was dedicated in the memory and honor of "Bro. Bob" and Mrs. Jean, partners in life and ministry.  

Over the years, Brent Baptist Church has expanded its ministries and outreach programs in a variety of ways. From the Caring Center, a ministry that provides food and clothing to the needy of the community to Upward athletic programs that allow community youth the opportunity to participate in sports led by Christian men and women. These are among many of the active programs at BBC. 

The Church Moving Forward

In 2014, a new set of steeple chimes was donated and the sweet sound can once again be heard every 30 minutes during the day. When you attend a worship service, you will be able to hear the chimes.